Campbellton Lodge 76 F&AM

Lodge History

During the summer of 1848, prominent members of Campbellton began organizing a Masonic Lodge.  Specifically, on August 4, 1848, Colonel Thomas Latham, Colonel William Morgan, William F. Devine, Isaac N. Smith, Benjamin Camp, William M. Butt, Moses M. Smith, Evans B. Whitley, Robert J. Tuggle, and John Campbell met to discuss the formation of a Masonic Lodge.

Campbellton Lodge #76, F&AM was chartered on November 1, 1848 by the Grand Lodge of Georgia.  "Old Campbellton Lodge", as it has long been affectionately called by its members, still meets in the original building on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at, in the early years, early candle light, now 7:30 P.M.

The Lodge building itself has changed little through the years.  Much of the original furniture is still being used today.  The Lodge maintains an archive of relics collected through the years.  The archive is on display in the foyer of the Lodge.














Above is a photograph of the minutes of the first meeting of Campbellton Lodge #76 dated September 4, 1848.  Worshipful Master, John Campbell, presided over the meeting.  During the meeting, the first petition for degrees was read on William McBartlett.

Above is a photograph of the petition for the degrees of William McBartlett.  Brother McBartlett's petition was the first ever read at Campbellton Lodge on September 4, 1848.

Unique in Georgia, and perhaps the entire nation, is a life size portrait of the central figure of the Hiramic Legend.  The portrait was purchased in 1851 after the Lodge authorized Past Master W.A. Austell to commission James Whitehorn, a New York artist to complete the painting.

On March 14, 1851, the portrait was shipped aboard the steamer, "Florida", from New York to the sea port in Savannah.  Brother Austell travelled to Savannah and purchased the painting.  The total cost for the painting was $50.74.

Worshipful Brother Robert Frady designed and built the frame which now encases the portrait.  The portrait is located in the ante room on the second floor of the Lodge.

A treasured relic is the framed Masonic apron which belonged to one of the officers of the Lodge, Captain Allen Campbell Watkins, Company A, 21st Georgia Regiment of the Confederate States of America.  Brother Watkins met his untimely death while leading a charge against the enemy at the battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia on May 3, 1863.  After his death, the apron was handed down through various family members before it was returned to the Lodge by his grandaughter with the request that it be displayed.

The photograph at left depicts Brother Allan Campbell Watkins.

The photograph above was taken from the roster for Campbellton Lodge #76 contained within the proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Georgia for the year 1863.

The photograph above is a Justice of the Peace Oath of Office for Campbell County, Georgia.  The document is dated 1864 and bears the signature of William McBartlett, Justice of the Inferior Court of Campbell County and a member of Campbellton Lodge.  William McBartlett's petition was the first petition ever to be read in the Lodge.

The photograph above depicts the officers for Campbellton Lodge #76 during the year 1899.  the Worshipful Master, J.W. Cook, is seated in the center.

Many charter members of Campbellton Lodge were prominent busnessmen and politicians and had great influence on the town of Campbellton and Campbell County.  Pictured above is a Campbell County One Dollar Note bearing the signature of Robert J. Tuggle, Jr.  Brother Tuggle was a charter member of the Lodge and served as the Lodge's first secretary.

The photograph above is a receipt from the United Cotton Goods Company of Griffin, Georgia.  The receipt is dated 1946 and reflects one dozen masonic aprons purchased by the Lodge for the sum of $4.75.

The photograph at left is of the front page of the Masonic Messenger dated 1948.  The publication ran an article on the 100 year anniversery of the Lodge.








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