Campbellton Lodge 76 F&AM

Photographs taken in and about the lodge.....

Below is a picture of the bricks that will be available to all regular Masons for Campbellton's Memorial Fundraiser.  These bricks will be placed around the new flag pole that we are installing.  These bricks will be displayed continually as a permanent fixture

at an appropriate location near the entrance to the lodge.  These bricks will be sold at a cost of $50 per brick and are perfect as a gift to a Mason who has already dropped forever, the working tools of life.  It is also a great way to mark your time in Campbellton Lodge #76 or any other lodge you might be a member.  This memorial will be designed to last until times last thunder shakes the Universe! 

Contact Tim Cunningham for details!

This $45 custom made, all heavy metal Masonic trailer hitch cover was won by one of the Brothers who bought a brick before the cutoff date!

Old Campbellton Lodge Family Night 07/22/17

Worshipful Master Tim Cunningham and Jerry Henry sharing a thought!

Berry Brock, A. D. Rodgers and Tommy Croy enjouing some fine fellowship!

We had a full house and a good time was had by all!

Selling Bricks!

And plenty of great food for each and everyone!

Old Campbellton Brothers go travelling!

Worshipful Master Tim Cunningham and Campbellton Brothers Claiming 5th District Traveling Gavel at Flint Hill Lodge 06/12/17

Old Campbellton Brothers visit the Cove Waterfall!

Michael Latham at the Cove Waterfall Meeting 06/03/17

The Holy Altar at the Cove Waterfall Meeting

Old Campbellton Lodge Family Night, 052717

Family Night at Old Campbellton Lodge, 05/27/17.  Time for some very good food and fellowship!

WM Tim Cunningham, Robert Barber, Lance Fountain and Michael Latham get ready to chow down!

Families spending some quality time together over a great meal!

Even the youngsters had fun!

Families enjoying family time and fellowship and getting to know one another

We enjoyed getting to talk with a few visitors and our families that we rarely get to have dinner with on Saturday evenings.

Cove Waterfall visits Old Campbellton Lodge - 05/13/17

Cove Waterfall visit - WB Neil Southern,  WB Lee Brown & WB Cliff Fisher

Annual Communication - Election and installment of Officers - 12/10/16

Worshipful Master Tim Cunningham getting ready to wear the hat!

Worshipful Master Tim Cunningham receives his Masters' Coin - 01/14/17

DDGM Rocky Rothrock presents WM with his Masters' Coin from the Grand Master

WM Tim Cunningham's first visit to a lodge as a Worshipful Master - 01/23/17

Worshipful Master Tim Cunningham visiting his father's lodge.

Four newly raised Master Masons - 01/28/17

Campbellton 76's newest Master Masons

Official Visit by District Deputy to the Grand Master - 02/25/17

Worshipful Brother Rocky Rockroth DDGM , Worship Master Tim Cunningham, and Worshipful Brother Tom Bruce DDGM after an official visit to Campbellton Lodge

Past Masters Night - 02/11/17

A Great group of Past Masters on Past Master's Night

Worshipful Brother Berry Brock as Worshipful Master on Past Master's Night.

Brother Bob Frady is presented with his 65 Year Apron during Past Master's Night.

Worshipful Brother Berry Brock pining the 65 Year Pin on Brother Bob Frady

Rocky Rothrock presents his model and presentation of King Solomon's Temple - 11/26/16

Brethern gather around model of King Solomon's Temple during presentation.

View from around the lodge - 2016 Officers

A view from the West.

Another view from the West.

Campbellton Brethern travel to Douglasville to claim their traveling gavel.

Campbellton #76 claiming the Traveling Gavel from Douglasville #289

Worshipful Master Sam Henley accepting the Traveling Gavel

Worshipful Brother A D Rodgers had a birthday and we celebrated!


Photographs for the sake of Nostalgia...

Newly installed Officers of Campbellton Lodge.  January 2013

Brother James "Rocky" Rothrock (left) and Brother Martin Tuohy (right) grill hot dogs and hamburgers during a recent "Bring a Buddy" night at the Lodge.

Brother J.W. Brock (left) and Worshipful Brother Berry Brock (right) solve everyone's problems when they get together.

Brother Tim Cunningham, never one to leave the table hungry, can't believe he got the whole hotdog in his mouth.

Brother Waylan Miller (left) and his Grandfather, Brother Sam Henley, are faithful attendees among us and don't pass up the opportunity to attend a recent gathering.

Brother Tim Cunningham (center) spins tall tales as Worshipful Brother Lee Brown (left) and Brother Maurice Tuohy (right) listen and look on.

Brother Lance Fountain, a cornerstone of Campbellton Lodge, fellowships with Brother James "Rocky" Rothrock before a recent Masters Degree.

Brother Mike Priebel (left) was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on Saturday, April 24, 2010.  Pictured with Brother Mike is Worshipful Master Mike West.

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